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Paper catalog - SOFINOR 2019

Continuously motivated by our wish of innovation and improvment of our equipment, we are searching every single day to conceive the equipment adapted to the kitchens of today and tomorrow.

This research is realized with our commitment based on 4 major points : Hygiene , Ergonomics, Safety and Ecolonomy. As a result of this development, we invite you to discover our improvements, our new equipment and our new services.

Our 2019 edition unveils more than 800 new references of more and more innovative articles.

Sofinor, over its sustainable and quality equipment, is also a whole team at your service. With more than 100 employees, we can answer to every specific request and customized concept.

The use of our BIM files will allow us to integrate our stainless steel equipment in your drawings and to suggest you alternatives when it is needed.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you in every step of your project.

With the will to share with you the pride of our Knowhow, we wish you a very successful year and to realise your dreams.

Enjoy this new SOFINOR catalogue