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Paper catalog - SOFINOR 2023

You will discover our 2022 catalog and we thank you for it.

It is the fruit and the result of the development of our shared values by all of our teams.. The first is Requirement, the one you deserve, the one that represents the players in largescale cooking and out-of-home catering and the one that makes up our DNA in order to offer you the best stainless steel equipment for your customers..

Our 4+ Hygiene, Ergonomics, Security, Ecolonomy (produce without destroying the nature) are a component and a clear guide to the service of culinary crafts, a worldrenowned French discipline. This requirement is also reflected in your wish to be forward looking, both in terms of sustainable development and in terms of the digitization of our equipment and information systems.

This brings us to #innovation, a real axis of investment and reflection within Sofinor. It takes concrete form through the recognition of our peers by obtaining awards from major international fairs : The connected waste sorting unit with integrated weighing is a striking example with three awards obtained this year, Smart Label at Host Milano, Greenspot Label at the Horeca Ghent trade fair, and most recently Winner of the New Equipment Award at Europain.

Sofinor is also, and above all, a [Team Spirit],women and men committed to bringing the best customer satisfaction, to perpetuate jobs, to promote personal development and the sharing of talents.

And finally, a fundamental value within our company, without which none of this would be possible, Pleasure ; Pleasure to spread the culture of recognition around you, Pleasure to produce our quality equipment in France, and Pleasure to be part of the big family of the food business industry.

With the desire to be at your side every day for the realization of your projects, we wish you a year full of satisfaction..

Guillaume Deleau - Président Sofinor