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Presentation - SOFINOR Group

Know-how & innovations
serving our customers

Continuously motivated by our wish of innovation and improvment of our equipment, we are searching every single day to conceive the equipment adapted to the kitchens of today and tomorrow.

This research is realized with our commitment based on 4 major points : Hygiene , Ergonomics, Safety and Ecolonomy. As a result of this development, we invite you to discover our improvements, our new equipment and our new services

Our 2018 edition unveils more than 800 new references of more and more innovative articles.

Sofinor, over its sustainable and quality equipment, is also a whole team at your service. With more than 100 employees, we can answer to every specific request and customized concept.

The use of our BIM files will allow us to integrate our stainless steel equipment in your drawings and to suggest you alternatives when it is needed.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you in every step of your project. With the will to share with you the pride of our Knowhow, we wish you a very successful year and to realise your dreams

Enjoy this new SOFINOR catalogue

Guillaume Deleau
Président Sofinor



Our quest for innovation allows us to evolve our products over time and build your future.
We also design our products so that they last in time and that they facilitate your everyday life

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Stainless steel equipment
for the food and catering industry

Sofinor designs, manufactures and markets stainless steel equipment and furniture for the food industry. More than 5000 references are available: equipment designed for intensive and optimal use in kitchens, laboratories or any other place where hygiene, safety and ergonomics are essential.


High quality
professional rotisseries

INOTECH is « THE » reference of high quality professional roasters. They are intended for mass distribution, catering, caterers and itinerant trades.


Bedpan washers
and hospital equipment

ARCANIA, leading manufacturer of bedpan washers in France , offers stainless steel equipment to the hospital sector including an efficient line of bedpan washers.


for you

When you choose your equipment, even those which seems secondary, all details are important.

In order to offer you every time more performing professional equipment , SOFINOR integrates from conception a complete quality process based on 4 axes in the research.

The 4+ SOFINOR are the 4 basic criteria to guide you in your choice. They assure you a wise purchase.

A quality approach

Imagine high quality stainless equipment that is a source of value for your projects.


Alongside researchers, project managers, project managers, draughtsmen and prototypists ... All commit themselves durably to bring value to your projects.

Whatever the nature of your study, SOFINOR offers you an adapted offer. Quality is at the center of our concerns, as evidenced by the certifications obtained by Sofinor in recent years

ISO 9001, Relating to Quality Management, this standard sets organizational requirements for an effective quality management system.

NF french label for the food hygiene equipment, It brings you the indisputable proof that our product meets the needs of your customers. This standard validates the conformity of our equipment based on established quality.

A high performance material,
the AISI 304L stainless steel alloy

To guarantee you a better reliability and longevity on your daily working tools, SOFINOR is committed to ensuring that all its products are made with AISI 304 L stainless steel . Respecting all the regulatory requirements and specifications in kitchen design..

What are the advantages of AISI 304L stainless steel
Particularly in application areas where humidity is high or coastal areas, the AISI 304L stainless steel guarantees a much better resistance to aggression and pitting. Its very high nickel content considerably reduces the general corrosion, especially in the presence of acid agents such as lemon or sauces.

The AISI 304L stainless steel remains « THE » reference in the kitchen concerning furniture and equipment.

A Group with a continuous improvement policy


Regional, French and near-European suppliers.

High quality AISI 304L stainless steel materials, 100% recyclable

Handwash basin that uses one third of water compared with its low-cost competitors, which means 110m3 of water saved in a year in a professionnal kitchen.

Printed price list according to FSC standards


Low voltage lighting in all manufacturing workshops.

Workshops partially heated by energy from machine coolers.

Low-consumption fibre-optic laser which has replaced rare gases with diode technology.


Packaging in 90% recycled cardboard, avoiding the use of all the usual plastic materials.

Package optimisation favouring shared transport.

Shipping policy favouring the least polluting commercial vehicles and encouraging the use of carboncompensated shared transport.

The story of Sofinor

Of course, our products are part of our story. However, since its beginning, Sofinor has been inspired by a passion for innovation, and it is this passion that has created the DNA of our brand. From the first kitchen furniture designed in 1961, discover how our history influences today's ambitions.

Our beginning

The story of SOFINOR begins with a young boy, Jean FINOT, who dismantles and remounts objects to understand how they work and dreams of becoming an inventor.
TAlways with a sheet and a pencil in hand, he designs and manufactures his first kitchen furniture in 1961. Immediately exposed in the family kitchen, they are sold.


In 1965, he created "La Mamette", the first automatic feeder for calves. More than 4000 were in service around the world

Two years later, he invented the Cyclosauna: the infernal machine to lose weight.


In the 60s, Jean FINOT inaugurates the SOFINOR company's workshops in Perenchies, in the North of France. At the time, «all the towers of Lille, then under construction, will be equipped with these pieces of furniture».

Expansion of
the range

Over the years, the range SOFINOR is growing, then the company manufactures gas fryers, stoves, bain marie, sink, tables, bakery trolleys, handwash basin ... etc.
Today we offer more than 5000 references for you to work in the best conditions.